Limerick IRSP show support to Debenhams workers at city centre picket

Today members of the Limerick IRSP joined the picket line in Limerick city centre, to show solidarity with the ongoing stockroom blockade by Debenhams workers.

The High Court has granted an injunction to the provisional liquidators of Debenhams, preventing so called unlawful actions against any interference with efforts to remove stock from its stores.

Local IRSP activist Adrian Walsh said “This is an insult to the workers, and an utter disgrace that their right to protest should be deemed unlawful by the state. This is a prime example of the state siding with the capitalist interests of a foreign owned company, over the interests of their own citizens. The workers demands are simply a redundancy package that was previously agreed upon.”

As economic hardship continues to effect the working class of this island, this is a clear indication of things to come, as large capitalist businesses will continue to benefit from the suffering of workers forced unemployment. As certain unemployment increases, these companies will try to retain their profits as people’s livelihoods are torn from them.

Adrian Walsh continued: “If companies such as Debenhams are given a free reign here over the redundancy of their workers, it will open a Pandora’s box of discrimination against the ordinary worker, denying them of their employment rights.”

The working class need to stand united against this type of injustice, which if is allowed to continue, will only bring detrimental financial hardship, to any workers that find themselves in such a position. Any such crimes against employees should be blocked and protested against at every opportunity.

As James Connolly wrote “let it be remembered that timidity in the slave induces audacity in the tyrant” – and with this in mind we must fight against injustice and oppression of the worker at every turn.

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