Belfast IRSP at November 30th Strike Rally At City Hall

Belfast IRSP at November 30th Strike Rally in Belfast City Centre

Belfast members of the Irish Republican Socialist Party joined tens of thousands of striking workers for a trades union rally at City Hall protesting at the current Westminster and Stormont regimes’ savage offensive against public services. The November 30th one day strike action involved an estimated 200,000 public service workers in the north of Ireland, who were joined by 3 million+ workers over in Britain, making it the most comprehensive mass industrial action since the Winter of Discontent of the 1970s.

Speaking from today’s trade union rally at Belfast City Hall, the chairperson of Belfast IRSP Comhairle Ceanntair, Alec McGuigin stated: “Tens of thousands of workers have brought Belfast to a standstill today in protest at the Westminster and Stormont-rubber stamped offensive against ordinary working class people. The Irish Republican Socialist Party unconditionally supports the strike by workers from both Catholic and Protestant backgrounds who united in their justified anger today at the attacks on their pensions, jobs and futures. Unfortunately, many of their elected representatives have snubbed their working-class constituents, with the likes of the ultra-right wing DUP’s Finlay Spratt not only crossing picket lines but actually making public complaints about workers on picket duty.”

The Belfast Comhairle Ceanntair chairperson went on to say:
“Belfast IRSP will support further industrial and protest action by the trades unions in the city and welcome any growth in resistance to the current draconian anti-worker offensive. We owe our allegiance to the working-class!”


Belfast IRSP Comhairle Ceanntair members at November 30th Strike Rally in City Centre

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