West’s prescription drug nightmare cannot continue indefinitely

West Belfast, not least the Lower Falls, is in the middle of a prescription style drug epidemic that is sucking the soul out of youths, adults and families alike, and to an intolerable degree.

More than two decades after the ceasefires, at a time when our communities are thankfully free of war; our youth should be enjoying their lives and flourishing socially, academically, financially and every other way.

Unfortunately however, a lower breed of bottom feeding parasite has come to prominence within our communities during those years and for a profit have seen fit to peddle cheap yet deadly prescription style drugs in areas which, due to poverty, depression and socio-economic disadvantage are all too vulnerable to the approaches of such vermin and the filth that they sell.

The IRSP have assisted with the aftermath of the addiction that these people and their trade has spread across west Belfast and can testify to the life destroying impact; the suicides, the crime, the mental and physical illness, broken family structures and the all-round lowered community morale which has been left for us all as a legacy, by those who have prayed upon our once proud working class communities.

The IRSP call upon the community to assist us in creating new and innovative ways of dealing with scourge and so protecting the futures of our communities and our children.

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