INLA Volunteers Dominic & Mary McGlinchey Commemoration – Bellaghy

A crowd of several thousand Republicans of various hues united collectively on Easter Saturday, 7th April, 2012, to commemorate Irish National Liberation Army volunteers Dominic and Mary McGlinchey in their home town of Bellaghy, county Derry. Dominic and his wife and comrade, Mary McGlinchey, were shot dead in the most cruel of circumstances by the enemies of the Socialist Republic which both volunteers selflessly dedicated their lives to.  The pro-imperialist media of the day must surely bear a significant responsibility for their murders, by shamelessly and constantly demonising the two Irish Republican Socialist activists in life and even in death.

A colour party from the Irish Republican Socialist Movement, carrying the furled flags of the four provinces, the national flag, the Starry Plough and the Red flag, led the commemoration to Bellaghy cemetery.

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