IRSP Condemns Raids On Party Members’ Homes!

 IRSP condemn North Belfast raids on party activists!

 The Irish Republican Socialist Party in Belfast vehemently condemns the PSNI raids on party activists homes in the north of the city. Even more alarming was the fact that one of the TSG raiding party left behind one of their loaded handguns and gun-belt containing live ammunition in former north Belfast IRSP election agent, Eddie Campbell’s child’s bedroom!

Speaking at the scene of one of the raids, north Belfast IRSP spokesperson, Paul Little, stated,  “These raids on party activists’ homes are just the latest in an increase in harassment of IRSP members in Belfast by the PSNI. The TSG raiding parties took away IRSP literature, posters and party leaflets which in no way can be classed as even vaguely ‘threatening’ or illegal. Even more shocking was the fact that when the TSG raiding party left Mr Campbell’s house, the PSNI had left one of their loaded handguns and a belt containing live ammunition in one of his children’s bedrooms! It took the PSNI 30 minutes to return to collect their equipment! This could potentially have caused the death or serious injury to Mr Campbell’s children if they had returned from school and discovered a loaded handgun in their bedroom!

Paul Little continued, “this latest series of raids on IRSP members homes in Belfast could quite literally have resulted in tragedy for Mr Campbell’s family. The TSG raiding party eventually returned after half an hour for their equipment, without a word of apology for the grave danger they potentially could have placed one of our party member’s children in. The PSNI are just the RUC under a different title and are still engaged in widespread political policing and the harassment of IRSP activists! Not only did they engage in blatant harassment of IRSP members today but by their actions in leaving behind a loaded gun in a child’s bedroom, they engaged in gross misconduct!”


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