IRSP-Alba Lay Wreath On Gino Gallagher’s Anniversary

A representative of IRSP-Alba, the Irish Republican Socialist Party’s sister organisation in Scotland, laid a wreath at the IRSM plot in Belfast’s Milltown Cemetery today to commemorate the 16th anniversary of Gino Gallagher’s assassination which occurred on January 30th, 1996.  Gino Gallagher was Chief of Staff of the Irish National Liberation Army and the Irish Republican Socialist Party’s national organiser when he was callously shot dead by a hired criminal assassin acting on behalf of a small cabal of counter-revolutionaries.

Gino Gallagher was responsible for refurbishing the IRSP’s national headquarters, Costello House and was also instrumental in promoting Ta Power’s doctrine of the Primacy of Politics within the Republican Socialist Movement.  Gino Gallagher is credited with restoring the military capabilities of the Irish National Liberation Army and it is now well documented that he personally led an INLA active service unit responsible for assassinating several Loyalist death-squad leaders.

They can kill the revolutionary but they can never the revolution!

Wreath from IRSP-Alba




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