Support The Primark Workers’ Strike!



After an 88% ballot in favour of taking strike action, Usdaw trade union reps at Primark have confirmed that initial industrial action by staff will take place over the St Patrick’s Day holiday weekend. The strike will begin at 7.00am on Friday 16 March and end at 7.00pm on Saturday 17 March.

All of Primark’s eight stores in the North will be picketed on both the Friday and Saturday.  The Irish Republican Socialist Party unconditionally supports the striking Primark workers.
The Primark workers modest demands for a half decent living wage in order to make ends meet are in stark contrast to today’s news that the cabal of privileged professional politicians at the Stormont mini-parliament have effectively just awarded themselves an 11% pay rise of:£5000 per annum.  So much for an Ireland of equals!

Over a century ago the ideological founder of the Irish Republican Socialist tradition, James Connolly, stood uncompromisingly on the side of the low-paid workers of Belfast, championing their right to organise against exploitation by Capitalist parasites and withdraw their labour.  In 2012, the Irish Republican Socialist Party’s position is exactly the same and continues in that tradition of unconditional support for workers engaged in the most fundamental act of class struggle.  We owe our allegiance to the working-class!

All IRSP members and supporters are asked to support the striking Primark workers on Friday 16th March and Saturday 17th March.  We urge all working class people to show solidarity with the Primark workers by not crossing USDAW picket lines at any of the Primark stores!

Support the Primark workers!

Comhairle Ceantair,
Belfast IRSP.

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