Protest. We dont need British Labour structures. We need British withdrawal.

In conjunction with tomorrows Anti-Tory/Austerity demonstration in Belfast city center,  the IRSP announce that they will be in attendance yet with a view to promoting the principled Socialist position of Irish separatism and independence, in the wake of the latest draconian attacks on our class as launched by the British government.

It is clear that many within the passive Belfast left, intend to use this period of Tory attacks to extend the influence of British New Labour structures into the six counties, more still are happy to consolidate the failed English ‘Millitant’ models of organisation, blissfully ignoring the fact that Ireland is a subject nation and that this period of British & IMF imposed austerity creates a unique opportunity to promote the principled and traditional Marxist demand of Irish independence.

The IRSP hope that our presence on tomorrows protest will help to refocus the minds of the passive left on the real opportunities which now exist to promote the vital goals of Irish National Liberation and Socialism, shifting their focus from the misplaced obsession with corrupt Union structures as led by Class traitor Peter Bunting and the rush to imitate barely relevant English Labour structures in occupied Ireland.

‘Labour need not wait, nor must Irish independence’

All Socialists, Republicans, separatists and progressives are welcome to Join with the IRSP tomorrow. Gather at College Square North (side of old ‘Black man Tech’) 1pm Tomorrow (Sunday).


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