PSNI giving Anti-Community Elements a ‘Free Hand’ in Turf Lodge

This afternoon, IRSP activists in the Upper Springfield area were contacted by concerned residents informing us that well known anti-community elements were seen in a suspected stolen car driving around the Turf Lodge area.

IRSP activists immediately followed up on these reports and went in search of the vehicle while also contacting elected representatives and local community organisations with details of the vehicle and its approximate location in order to minimise the chances of the vehicle endangering the local community.

Within a short time of giving these details, unmarked PSNI vehicles flooded the local area; knowing the exact details of the stolen vehicle and also those involved.

For a number of hours, the stolen car continued to drive recklessly around the area, in turn putting the local community in serious danger before being found wrecked in the usual spot at the top of Norglen Parade.

The stolen car found this Evening.

Serious questions need asked regarding the inactions of the PSNI today.  Why was the car not siezed and those inside reprimanded even after a precise location was given? Why was the car allowed to drive recklessly around Turf Lodge for a number of hours right in front of undercover PSNI vehicles?

Those involved in this recent ‘crime spree’ have recently been released on bail for similar offences and it would appear have been given a ‘free hand’ by the PSNI to carry out their anti-community activities. 

The IRSP have stepped up our presence in the area following this recent upsurge in anti-community activity and would take this opportunity to ask residents to pass on any information to our members.

The IRSP are well aware of the identities of those involved and we would ask them to immediately desist in their actions and come forward to IRSP members or any local community organisation. 

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